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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Marijuana, herpes, and erectile disfunction oh my!

so...that commercial with the guy sitting waiting for his bus...and rapping about his friend who got into weed and ultimately quits high school or what not.  all i can say is wow...i would like to meet the one kid who is chilling in front of the t.v. after school...and going "man that's deep...so true" b/c i severely doubt there is one.
And all i have to say about that is...apparently both marijuana and pop stardom lead to high school dropouts. interesting indeed. 

And as for the herpes commercials...i'm beginning to fall prey to the marketing sharks...i almost want herpes myself...then i could throw on my long flowy white dress and prance around on the beach! where's my sense of adventure? and a beautiful boyfriend to go hiking and canoing with me?...and the ponies! the wild ponies!

When mocking absurd commercials from the t.v., who could forget the lovely enzyte commercials and their hero...Bob...you've heard about his new found confidence right? Man, I'm beginning to wish i had penis erectile disfunction myself (see how i bring it back)...then i could have a perma-smile a weird wave in which a bell would ring every time i did so...and a hot tamale waiting for me...wherever happy women do their waiting...i dont know...

i think the bitching has officially begun

Posted at 09:10 pm by Amandalyn
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